Just a Few Miles Away,
But A World Apart...

Welcome to Dorchester! Delight in endless waterviews and stunning sunsets along our 1,700 miles of shoreline. Savor Maryland crab fresh from local waters. Discover stories of Harriet Tubman and Annie Oakley. All less than an hour from the Bay Bridge.


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Ocean Odyssey

Ocean Odyssey

Established in 1986 Ocean Odyssey serves 100% domestic crab meat and local oysters. Also features a rotating stock of fresh fish, craft brews, local wines and fresh bread. Watch this short film by Kurt Corner featuring the restaurant's signature "Bay on a Bun" sandwich: http://kurtcorner.com/kurt-corner/episode-4-bay-on-a-bun/ Open seasonally, usually April through Thanksgiving.




316 Sunburst Hwy.
Cambridge, MD 21613

Bay On A Bun
Ocean Odyssey's signature Bay on a Bun sandwich. Image by Kurt Kolaja of www.kurtcorner.com.