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Welcome to Dorchester! Delight in endless waterviews and stunning sunsets along our 1,700 miles of shoreline. Savor Maryland crab fresh from local waters. Discover stories of Harriet Tubman and Annie Oakley. All less than an hour from the Bay Bridge.


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Firkin Beer Festival at Stoked
February 22, 2014

Love craft brews? Join in the Firkin Festival and enjoy tastes of 20 different firkins. $20 admission includes a tasting glass and unlimited tastings. Both firkins and pins are loved by beer drinkers because they contain ale that has not gone through the rigors of industrial beer production (filters, pasteurization, force carbonation). As such, the ale that results can be incredibly full and flavorful, sometimes brewed with unusual ingredients. (A firkin is smaller than a traditional beer keg; a pin is a half-firkin.) During the event, Stoked's menu items will be available for purchase. From 1pm-11pm on Saturday, February 22. At Stoked Wood-Fired Eatery, 413 Muir Street in downtown Cambridge, MD.

Event Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/570177056409337/